Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The government's days are numbered

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Are you inclined to accept the government's claims that they are effective providers of justice...think again....its all a grand effort to manage perceptions. Our precious state has failed.. It is on its last legs. Expect civil unrest in the next few years. The government is falling apart. Not just in the Middle East, but it will spread to the West. No one is paying tax....and rightly so...and government is woefully inefficient.
Of course no one wants civil unrest...after all people have avoided it for 200 years. But when your house goes into foreclosure, when your savings are pilferred by some corporate fraud, you take to the streets, like the people in the Middle Easy, who have nothing to lose.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Lawyers profit at taxpayers expense

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There is something very wrong about the world when financial institutions are suing each other for negligence or incompetence, when those financial institutions are both government-owned and by implication, exposing taxpayers to law suits. If one looks back, it was the governments of the Western world which precipitated the crisis by:
1. Not properly regulating financial markets
2. By aggressively stimulating or distorting markets with various incentives like First Home Buyers grants, relaxed bank regulations and ultra-low interest rates.

The culmination of the crisis was that banking executives were able to leverage their exposure to profits by profiting hugely from their options incentive schemes, leaving shareholders and taxpayers with the losses as they walked away with their bonuses. They then benefited from a stimulus-induced recovery in the market, only for taxpayers to experience a succession of law suits. Yes, government officers are using taxpayer funds (in the interests of taxpayers) to engage in high-cost law suits against other governments. This of course can only result in lawyers getting their share from taxpayers. If you are severely repressed, then this will be of no concern to you. If you are angry, then there is only one thing to do - direct your energy - your minds - towards making those perpetrators accountable. The reality however is - the perpetrator - is probably yourself - for not thinking...for surrendering your personal sovereignty to government; for allowing them to freely tax you. You can sanctioned the actions of government. Yes, all you practical people in the world who thought if you just worked and saved, there would be plenty to go around...that you would be ok. Nothing is assured if you surrender the realm of ideas to the collectivists, whether they occupy seats in government or lead lobbyists in your state capital.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Australian Tax Office engaging in psychological welfare

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We are approaching the end of the financial year again; and once again, the tax office is working in concert with the media to extort wealth from you. The psychological manipulation is 'in play' once again. Governments are increasingly using fear or 'shock and awe' techniques to extort wealth from you. Consider these media headlines:
1. "Eight ways to beat the taxman" in the Sydney Morning Herald, as if you are under some obligation or compulsion to have a relationship with them, or comply with their demands.
2. The pursuit of high profile 'tax evaders' by the tax office to impress upon you the unlimited resources (i.e. your money) that the government can use to pursue you. Refer to my posts on Wesley Snipes and Paul Hogan.
3. Often there are argues of the nature 'The tax office is targeting deductions, or 'fringe benefits', etc. Every year there is a different psychological threat made upon you.

The tax offices pursuits of course rely on your acceptance or ambivalence about whether you actually are obliged to pay tax. This of course relies upon your ability to argue in a court of law that you ought not to, and that you have a right to legal aid. Most of course don't have the skills to argue these they live in fear of the tax office. The reality is that there are ways of protecting yourself from government that few people appreciate.

In conclusion, the tax office likes to smear or discredit people as 'tax evaders', but as far as I'm concerned, these people are righteously acting in their self-interest, and that is an entirely reasonable thing to do given that:
1. The state does not deserve an effectively 'unconditional' or arbitrary sanction to tax
2. The state is not acting as it was intended, i.e. as an agency for the extortion of wealth for the sake of its own self-serving ends. i.e. Acting on the basis of perceptions rather than facts, or demonstrating that it acts without regard for rights, or gives no regard to your interests are all evidence of its failure to comply with its constitutional requirement of 'good governance'. So our government is in breach of the 'spirit of the law'.
3. The ability of the tax office to use its 'unlimited' taxpayer funds to persecute you...keeping you in court for a lifetime under the threat of pernicious 'arbitrary' statutory law.
4. The government is entirely inefficient and unfair in its collection and expenditure of public funds. It is not a moral custodian, and it can be reasonably argued that it is not acting within the spirit of the constitution. Anyone with a solid grasp of the philosophy of law will realise this.

So I say to you....if you pay your fair share of tax; take every measure you can to reduce your burden. I personally would celebrate any effort which repudiate the govts right to impose arbitrary imposts upon you, fair or unfair. There is no question of fairness when it comes to extortion. You are not morally obliged to suffer because others are subject to extortion. You are not a slave to other taxpayers; just as you ought not be a slave to the tax office.

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