Sunday, March 8, 2009

Green Bay Tea Party to rally against Fed Reserve bailouts

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Americans are waking up to the reality of taxation.....that its not about them. Taxation does not exist for the benefit of taxpayers. It exists for the benefit of politicians and its alligned interests - be they bureaucrats, big business looking for government contracts or favours, the welfare lobby, the media, bankers and other dependants upon public money or policy. Taxpayers are really incidental in this equation because there is really no effective oversight of government policy.

There was a time several years ago that I used to make submissions to the Australian and state governments on issues such as water policy, crime prevention, etc. My submissions would be duly recognised, but that was about it. At best, all I could expect was some incidental, uncontroversial quote in the report. This was I guess supposed to excite me. The implication is that the policy analysts that write these reports and the politicians who vet them are not accountable for their decision. The fact that they have considered my ideas is good enough for them, but not for me. As long as they are not required to give reasons for ignoring or rejecting my report or its findings, then they are effectively not accountable. Having the right to vote in an election in 3-4 years is too long to wait for good policy. I also would suggest that a 2-party system does not give a truly competitive political system. Our politicians are competitors at some superficial level, but fundamentally they are co-conspirators sharing power. They protect the rort by having terms of engagement, just as you would have for any war. The difference however is that politicians are not gentlemen, they are parasites living off the hard-earned earnings of other people, and enabling others to similarly live off those expropriated funds.

Hundreds of protesters on the 8th March 2009 gathered outside Titletown Brewing Co., to protest the US government's handling of the financial crisis. The protest was intended to symbolically replicate the Boston Tea Party of 1777. At that time tea importers protested the imposition of excessive taxes by the British government. On this occasion the protesters are protesting against the government programs and Federal Reserve bailouts.

Whilst I welcome protests and hope that it is the start of many more, I hope that people take the time to truly understand the nature of the government's intent, and its arrogance in the face of the taxpayers ambivilence. Taxpayers should accept nothing more than a total repudiation of the system of financial management that made this financial crisis. I would expect nothing less than an independent inquiry. Not an 'independent' inquiry initiated by the government, or some quasi-government body like the IMF, but an association like a small business peak body in the USA, and of course they should be seeking public submissions in the preparation of that report. There is still alot the public can do. The first priority should be understand the political values and economics underpinning the events that lead up to the financial crisis. If you celebrate the right to vote, then celebrate the responsibility to make responsible decisions.
Andrew Sheldon

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