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Mission Statement

The purpose of this web portal is to provide a range of tools to help people identify the importance of remaining goal-orientated in EVERY aspect of life, as well as providing a critical feedback based philosophy for optimising one’s life. The website provides a range of analytical tools which apply critical thinking to concrete problems in our lives. The intent is to roll out a range of analytical tools for individuals and enterprises to improve their performance and effectiveness. This is achieved by providing people with a core set of values which will enhance their decision making, whilst at the same time supporting the critical thinking skills upon which they are founded. The intent is that by offering people evidence of these strategies and tools in applied book form, we can demonstrate the value of more comprehensive programs.
Our aim is to cause a global revolution in the way people think in the 21st Century.

’Global Warming Misconceptions - View the table of contents!

Governments this year have ramped up their global warming propaganda, but in truth, just how certain is global warming. In the process of preparing a consulting report, we undertook some research and were startled by government policy. We will show that the propaganda being financed by government is shamelessly creating hysteria for the sake of political expediency.

Global Warming Misconceptions - Download the table of contents or buy this report at our online store for just $US9.95.