Friday, April 30, 2010

How to end taxation

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Most people pay taxes. Some are ambivalent about the law, but some of you do it as a matter of fear. I would hope that if you are living in fear of the consequences of paying taxes that you take efforts to support a remedy or antidote to those who enslave you. Any moral campaign depends upon being organised. No moral campaign can succeed without the support of common interests, and no campaign can succeed without a strategy. The question then becomes - what strategy will achieve our common goal?
I have the following recommendations.
  1. The political system is designed to entrench the two major parties. They rely on the unthinking majority. I therefore suggest that you direct any and all persons, but particularly those with sympathetic views to this blog.
  2. Voting only legitimatises the current system, so I personally reject the system. Reason is the standard of value, not 'numbers'. Until we have a 'concensus based' democratic system, or something similar, I will not participate in our political system since it will only marginalise and render 'impractical' the facts which need to be acknowledged.
  3. People need to be reproached for the way they think. There are of course empathetic ways to do it. You do not have to demoralise people in order to achieve your values. Start up a community group to discuss ideas. Join a philosophy group. I would suggest avoiding those which tend to tread lightly. i.e. They discuss ideas as if they had equal merit because each individual has a novel approach. Humour is used to preserve the deluded dignity of counter-parties. The reality is that this is a serious concern. It is no joking matter. Repression is not in your interests either. Such forums are not seriously invested in reality; but are really parasites on society, or elderly folk in the community with nothing better to do. My local philosophy group is like that. Old people who wait until retirement (i.e. near-death) before they decide to think, and when they do its matters of no consequence.
  4. I hope you do self-protect by developing your mind rather than repressing your values, or appeasing the values are others and simply accumulating material values. At the end of the day, there are few possessions which you can retain if you live in a collectivist society. It can all be taken from why not establish a rational society. You will have more regard for people if they hold life-affirming values.
Andrew Sheldon
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