Thursday, August 5, 2010

Labor makes false claims about resource rent tax

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Some actual mistakes here:
1. Public information package: That must be a euphemism for propaganda. The government is justified in spending $38 million on TV advertising. That is $2 per person. Why doesn't the government spend half as much sending out detailed material along with the mining industry. Would that not be a fair way to go. Reason as the standard of value, and save tax payers $17 million. Australia Post could even make a profit.
2. The Australian people own mineral resources so they are entitled to a share of the profit from those resources. They already get a 'risk-free' share from those resources through income tax, mineral royalties, state taxes, infrastructure, social spending,
In addition, these resources have 'in effect' been sub-leased to the mining industry. i.e. The government is bringing into question the viability and undermining the wealth of Australians by taking a 'second take' at an opportune time, when prices are high. Those prices will not always be high. It is not as simple as Australians owning these resources.
3. Labour suggests that the mining industries advertising is unfair, and yet it is using taxpayers money to achieve the same. They have previously attacked such use of taxpayers funds.

Andrew Sheldon
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