Saturday, November 20, 2010

Wesley Snipes - moral crusader for taxpayers?

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Another media celebrity, actor Wesley Snipes, is being persecuted by 'all powerful' government. The problem I fear is that this is another media celebrity without a good defense. Not that it ought to be hard to defend oneself from thieves. After all, why do common criminals get sanctioned for thieving, but its legitimate when the government does it. Its not a very common sense system is it. Well, that should not surprise you because the voting system is not sensible either. Why would an election between candidates you don't know result in a leader following prudent policy if you don't know the person, and they are not accountable for you for 3 years, and what's more, you have only a choice of two candidates to start with, because there are only really two parties contesting the election. Does this not surprise anyone? Moral scepticism perhaps. This is my fear, that Wesley Snipes, is just another taxpayer who is annoyed by the system, who does not have a well-conceived or sophisticated defense against this system.

This system of persecution has to stop. These are innocent people. Taxation is slavery. These guys are 'quasi-heroes' for standing up against the system. Unfortunately, they probably don't have a well-conceived defense. We live in hope. Paul Hogan tried to circumvent the system, so he looks like a 'tax cheat'. In his defense, morally-speaking you don't have to be honest with immoral people. You are perfectly ok to lie and cheat the tax office of funds they did not earn. To the extent that there is utterly no public accountability, there is a good chance many of your are paying too much tax, and even if you are paying too little...good for you, since you did not sanction this system...even if you voted for could argue that you only wanted a better class of idiot.
I want to applaud Wesley Snipe's courage....I hope his intellect and choice of lawyers stands up to scrutiny. I tried emailing Paul Hogan's lawyers....but they are moral sceptics. There is no other way but an appeal to morality. Any win in the court system necessarily has to take the court back to the start of statutory law. Our political system was corrupted in the 1200s. Why? Well, we were still in the Dark Ages, and during that time, extorting money under the threat of fear was considered good practice. You would not stand by and watch an authority figure extort money from a child, a private why do you stand by why the government does it 'unconditionally' to you. That's right. There is no limit to what the government can do to you. Even in countries with a Bill of Rights....that protection is moot in a system of arbitrary 'morally sceptical' legislature.

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