Monday, September 5, 2011

Taxation: Why not leave your kids a legacy

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This is just another reason to abstain from paying taxes. Wondering who the babes in the woods are?
The obedient, compliant majority. I however don't think for a moment that they deserve this oppressive system; given that its a very difficult task to understand the complexities of the system....and more difficult still to develop a strategy for dealing with the contemporary political paradigm. Certainly I don't think parents should be jeopardising their children's future to fight the government. I do however think that salary-men have the greatest incentive to government, most particularly those who have purchased a house in the last 3 years, or who find that proposition way impossible. If I was these people; I would be in the streets.
Its just just a case of 'ability to pay'; its a question of risk, the enormous opportunity costs entailed in this bad system, and most particularly, your requirement to sanction an immoral system.

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