Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Ethical defenses for not paying tax

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The ethical defences for not paying taxation are:
1. Objective reality: Taxation does not achieve the goals that it purports to achieve. Whether its to help the poor, to create a better society. The reason why it cant is that its a denial of the facts of reality. It subverts people's minds, it does not help them. Why? Well it turns thew wealthy into suckers who bedrudgingly give their money as slaves do, and turns the poor into poor who take no responsibility for their lives, and who are bound to develop a sense of entitlement. This value proposition is the antithesis of our current values, and if it took hold, the result would be fascism.
2. Political breach: There are few countries that have a constitution that would protect people from their breach of rights. Its clearly apparent why governments are against the idea of 'bill of rights'. Many people have canvassed the idea of having one, usually intent on protecting the rights of majority, but the worse fear of government is that thet majority might start wanting rights defined in law. If they really people looked, theyt would see that they have 'rights' by permission, not as a result of any law or principle. Only in the USA is there a fading light of principle in people's minds, but they are comfortably numbed as well by the 'good life', failing to realise it could be much better.
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