Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Why taxation is wrong?

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I have a lot of built up anxiety related to the notion of paying tax. I just can't get used to the idea of paying tax. This isn't some silly childish position. Yes, I know there are practical reasons why we should...well actually I could only think of might just keep me out of prison, but you know prisons are expensive, and I just think that if just 40-50,000 odd Australians refused to pay tax, that would be all it would take to undermine the fascists running government. So what are my justifications for opposing taxation.....

  1. Public externalities - Having a pool of public money results in positive externalities, eg. Public swimming pools get built and everyone gets to share the benefit, so there is a community profit. True enough if the pool is well located. But often such public infrastructure is poorly spent or spent to appease certain interest groups for political motives, not because it makes commercial sense. These expenses are made for marginal votes, not general benefit of all people, and seldom with some strategy for public good in mind. Its for the politicians good.
  2. Experienced leaders - Well I think few politicians actually demonstrate the kind of values that I would want to see in a politician. They have no integrity clear enough because they have signed onto political parties which requires them to sell their souls for greater power. Most politicians are career politicians, so they really lack life and commercial experience. They have always had the support of public money and the party. Its all about getting along, saying one thing, and doing another. They are not critical thinkers so they have to rely on the opinions of vested interests, so they make bad decisions, eg. Defence contracts that need not have cost billions, dubious strategies that have us invading countries with no plans.
  3. The unethical treatment - The fact that the tax office seems to wield this power of its own, and can take money from your bank account. They are hardly accountable. Where is the justification for it. I dont care if my money is expropriated by 1% of Australians or 51% of Australians, its still a crime to take people's money. The tax act is inconsistent with common law. It was a rationalisation created to preserve the power of unjust government. We are governed by parasitical politicians, not by statesmen. These parasites have no interest in solving crime, poverty. They have a vested interest in you believing that they are capable of it. Yet it always remains elusive. Perceptions are made more important than reality.
  4. Impact on people: Taxation or public tax receipts promises so much, but actually takes something away from people. It undermines people's sense of justice, their sense of empathy, their sense of objectivity, it undermines reason as a standard of value, subjugating it to mob rule, albeit a more organised and farcical variant. It creates a sense of entitlement and ultimately is a force for the spread of collectivism. The paradox is that whilst government is sponsoring 'democratic collectivism' abroad in the name of 'freedom', it is undermining actual freedoms, and attacking individualism at home. Does anyone really think modern civilisation is defended in Iraq? Yeah Iraq is a frontier to fight for freedom, but I'm more concerned about the cancer in western society.
  5. Guilt ridden society: The concept of taxation actually engenders a sense of envy in benefactors for accepting something that they are not capable of producing, whilst at the same time engendering a sense of guilt in those that question the moral legitimacy of taxation. Sadly too few people have the conceptual capacity to disect the rationalisations. It really turns society intellectually into a society of perpetrators and parasites, so we even have traditional producers like business looking for hand-outs, government favours or privileges. Its hard to know where is justice, as a great deal of reality is lost trying to preserve the myth that this is system is moral.
  6. Concept of humanity: It actually implies a pretty negative concept of humanity, the idea that humans dont respond to reason, that the mob will always have the upper hand.
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