Thursday, January 31, 2008

How many people get away without paying tax?

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I think this question is wrong because it implies that people are cheating on paying their fair share of taxation. The problem is not giving or taking - the issue is why? Taxation is wrong because it is forced upon you. You should not sanction force in any aspect of your life. You would not accept it coming from your family, employer or friends, why do you accept it from your government?
I have a very good idea of how many people are 'getting away' without paying tax, but I would suggest its very few. Do I really believe the government is so efficient, or that people are so compliant. No! It just know that no one benefits from living in a 'slave state', and I think the price you pay for living in such a society goes far beyond the 20-40% tax you pay for 'services rendered'. People dont appreciate the price of such distortions. Look at Russia. That is the practical consequence of a state that enslaves people. In Russia, 40% of government revenue comes form vodka sales. Thats the type of paralysis you get from a 'total' slave state. Western societies are just a lesser compromise.
Andrew Sheldon
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