Thursday, January 31, 2008

Rationalised justifications for taxation

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Some people assert that we should pay tax since we are obliged or forced to do other things, and that these obligations are part of living in a western, modern society.
I am sure that people also reach this conclusion because its how they were raised as children. ie. "Do as you're told, or I'll come in and belt you". Some of you might argue that I was not belt enough. True enough, because I didn't need belting. I didnt need discipline. I have always had a good attitude, always self-motivated, and that is a reflection of the positive values I developed or picked up in youth. But what lessons or values are conveyed by the political system, and your begrudging acceptance of it.
The reality is that you dont bludgeon people into accepting argument. A club, threat, gun is not an argument. It does not win agreement, it gets submission. I agree with the argument that if you beat your child you are teaching them that violence is a valid means of communicating with your child. For the same reason I dont think people should accept threats of tax audits as a basis for accepting tax expropriations. The implication is that if you accept that governments have a valid justification for taking from you, you are resigning yourself to the possibility of making the same rationalisation in many areas of your life. Where does it end? Well it might end with the mixed economy, or in less secure times like the Great Depression it might breed attitudes like Adolf Hitler "You are nothing, your people are everything".
Andrew Sheldon
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