Thursday, September 16, 2010

Kloppers carbon tax - is it a dodgy boardroom deal?

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Isn't it highly suspicious that a lone mining CEO (i.e. BHP's Marius Kloppers) would suggest a need for a carbon tax just after his company (BHP), Rio Tinto and Fortescue Metal Corp won a huge tax concession over Resource Rent Tax. Maybe he is just a 'born again' liberal, or is there some sinister backyard deal here for Labor to get traction with this ugly tax. Science is not a popularity context. Business CEOs ought not be accepting "popular" scientific opinions.
I don't think this ought to strike anyone as a surprise given that Labor did exactly the same thing before the election. It shored up support with just 3 miners in order to imply that 'reasonable' miners can accept a Resource Rent Tax. It appears to be doing the same here with the Carbon Tax, with another dirty boardroom deal. You cannot trust politicians or CEOs. Its all about their political survival or financial interests. Maybe Gillard even has a Swiss bank account like Graham Richardson. It is not even necessary. It does not have to involve money to be corrupt. Gillard might actually just be a 'socialist', with nothing but contempt for money. But that is hard to fathom when you need it so much in politics. But one can draw a line between ones personal politics and personal lives....compartmentalisation comes easy to people with no principles.
What a shame we abandoned moral philosophy in the late 1890s...we could use it right now. You don't have to worry about corruption when reason is the standard of value. It only takes one right person to set the debate right.
Andrew Sheldon
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