Thursday, October 7, 2010

Resource Tax - non disclosure a sign of more to come

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Look how particular or specific government taxation has become in the advent of the resource tax debacle. The public is not allowed to know how much tax companies are making, as its to be concealed 'in the interests of commercial confidentiality'. Such talk is really a signal to how political discourse based on some moral standard has given away to specific 'shady deals' with strategic asset holders. It 'wreaks of fascism'. What happened to the notion of a general principle of tax? Its gone. We know have specific takes levied upon specific projects....based on your capacity to pay. Stuff shareholders who are suddenly stung by this arbitrary 'bee'.
The Resource Rent Tax is a sign of where government is trending. What a pity we are a role model for New Zealand public policy. What we are witnessing is the intellectual or cognitive debasement of the wider community. Was there ever a time when they would have accepted such policies? It had to be justified. But moral ambivalence always has justified and clouded all bad decisions made by governments. Usually its a national emergency like the reconstruction of this case its just an economy buried in arbitrary statutory law which bets some vested interest group against another....where the table is always tilted towards the dealer...that's the government.

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