Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The legal standing of the US tax code

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Are you wondering how honest and compliant the US government is with the US constitution - listen to the following extract from the movie by Aaron Russo. In this movie, Russo exposes the extortion perpetrated by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Recognise that the US government is probably moving to 'voluntary compliance' because it knows that - on the basis of its own laws - it is acting unlawfully in several respects:
1. They are acting in contravention of the US Constitution
2. They are coercing the US people into paying taxes
3. They are incarcerating people for not paying tax - when they are not legally required

This movie highlights the incoherence of the IRS tax code, as well as the disingenuous character of the IRS, however what is not explored in this video is the moral indecency of taxation. Any force of coercion INITIATED against others is an abomination. I encourage you to view the whole movie by Aaron Russo called 'Freedom to Fascism'.

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