Tuesday, January 4, 2011

GST on foreign imports on tax efficient

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According to the SMH, the federal government's peak tax advisory body, the Board of Taxation, says the cost of collecting the extra GST would be likely to outweigh any benefit. The problem is, nothing about government is efficient. That is not to say that certain courses of action are more efficient than others, merely that a false economy is acceptable if it serves the governments interests; never mind what it does to people's lives.
I am a case in point. I will spend a lifetime repudiating an unjust system of governance when I could be engaging in more productive activities, if the 'problem of governance' had already been resolved. Sadly, people are permitted under democracy to preserve any subjective indulgence they please, and any standards are deemed to be 'dictatorial', as opposed to being merely subjective impositions. By this subjective notion, it is an imposition to allow people to fend for themselves. And yet these people don't seem to repudiate the indulgent parent who 'spoils their child' with kindness; nor the government with constrained resources, who 'spoils welfare recipients' with unaccountable, 'unconditional love', and in the process makes them unfit for living any form of meaningful life....if one cares to define terms and seek meaning beyond the intrinsic notion of 'value in itself', as opposed to functional realism. i.e. Good for objective reasons. so much for science.
The good news is that "the Board of Taxation recommended last February that the figure not be changed". The bad news is that this is just one case of taxation creep, and having being complicit in a global financial system meltdown, the government is going to be looking to raise more taxes.

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