Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Retailers don't get it - dumb nuts

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The retail association in Australia claims that some Australians are 'not getting it'. The reality is that they don't get it.
Myer head Bernie Brookes argues: 'I get quite upset when I read some of the disparaging comments about Gerry Harvey and Solomon Lew because, whatever you think of them personally, they started with nothing and have become successful.''
What has that got to do with it? We are not here to give Harvey or Lew a medal. This issue is a point of law. The public is arguing that these companies are not competitive, but they feel compelled (before the advent) of the internet to pay high prices.
Mr Harvey was not surprised by the backlash ''because people are not quite getting it''. He said the group was not arguing against online shopping; it just wanted a level playing field. ''You've got a retail store offshore that doesn't pay duty or GST competing with an Australian store that does,'' he said.
The reality is - he does not get it. There might be a level playing field, but your lobbying point is not the way to resolve the issue. The solution is not a new tax, it's fixing the basis of the tax system. i.e. A user pays system rather than an 'extortion racket' which these guys passively accept since they are morally indifferent. They want to function as 'middlemen' and not concern themselves with the dirty aspects of tax. He does not realise that we are not so approving of paying tax....we don't have all the deductions which a growing business like Myer does, and I personally don't even want to deal with such a complex system. In contrast, he has an army of people who can help him evade taxes. I personally don't want to engage in such a false economy where I have to collect receipts. Life is too short to spend it summing receipts and reading through 200-page tax packs to account for any arbitrary changes in taxation legislation, because there is always some new exemption or revision to account for some new 'corporate' rout, i.e. a loop hole.

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