Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Gary Morgan's disdain for the Resource Rent Tax

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As much as I share Gary Morgan's disdain for the Resource Rent Tax, I agree with the ASX that his political views as expressed through the ASX were legitimately 'censored'. It is not a restriction of free speech, it is a quality control requirement. He ought to highlight scientific evidence or render philosophical deductive analytical inferences to support his views. Fortunately, the role of this site is to provide philosophical justifications for why this tax is illegitimate.
Partly the reason why media and political commentary is so bad is that participants do not recognise reason as the standard of value. It is easy to get emotive about such issues, but at the end of the day opinions have to be substantiated. The argument that the mining industry is going to be injured by this policy can be argued in terms of:
1. Pragmatic loss of money
2. Ethical or philosophical terms
I find the first solely relied upon by the miners, when in fact the ASX is looking for the later. That is what we have attempted to do on this website. We will provide more subject to the miners interest.
Full story at SMH Online.
Andrew Sheldon
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