Saturday, May 8, 2010

Tax grap prompts WA secession talk

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This article on ABC News highlights the anguish that Kevin Rudd is causing. Australia was one country before Rudd exerted his power. Now there is talk of seccession of WA from the Australian Federation. I am from NSW, but I would happily move to WA if this is the way the Federal government wants to go, and I think its a very clever move, because its easier to blackmail a state population than the whole country. Kevin will lose this one.
This is clever politics in WA, and I fully support the move. Maybe the new nation of WA can be called "Ruddless" and the rest "Ruddy-Hell". But I would prefer to see Rudd step down, or the Governor General remove him. Unbelievable that he thought he could get away with this cheap politics. I also think the mining industry has the capacity to seek a High Court resolution to this under the Constitution. I think Rudd has breached the 'good government' spirit of the law. This is indeed thought provoking for Australians. I hope they come to reflect more on ethical matters, and stop living off the miners back. REMOVE RUDD!!!
We all owe a great debt to the mining industry for creating so much wealth. I personally think its not just owned by miners. I think there is some justification for some of the money going back to the public, but not Rudd's hands, not his way, and not the amount he wants to take. He is an extortionist preying on the interests of the a minority.
Andrew Sheldon
Resource Rent Tax
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