Saturday, May 8, 2010

Rudd election promises are paid by persecuting miners

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Kevin Rudd is offering Australians a swag of benefits if they accept his proposal to tax miners by an 'added 40%', taking their tax burden to 53%. This has to go down in history as the most vile appeal to short-range parasitism ever conjured up by any political party. This is the type of cynical politics which occurs in the Philippines and other developing countries. I hope Rudd is not appealing to the mantra 'Smart Australians' because this really treats us like we are really stupid, short range, parasites living off the government's every concession and entitlement. I hope Australians have more self-respect than to take this path.
Here is a list of Rudd's election promises. Its all contingent upon the tax. I don't even think Rudd plans to implement it. He is doing it merely to get elected. I think he has put up some an aggressive tax upon a small minority - the mining industry - knowing that the Liberals would knock it down. He knows that 'throwing the mining industry under the truck' will deliver him a spending budget bigger than the Liberals who cannot follow them, or force them to compete on the same lunacy. Its a clever ploy, if it were not so utterly evil.
I would ask people to empathise with the mining industry. Yes, mining profits are high, but consider that commodity prices were at record lows for 15 years in the 1990s, and that a significant amount of gains are eroded by the strong $A, since commodities are priced in USD. Also the high cost of services in the mining industry is placing huge pressure on miners. Basically a lot of the benefits are already flowing to the community in higher wages and population growth.
Another reason for empathising is that - by supporting Rudd's cynical politics of 'leveraged' extortion of the majority over a minority, you are going to be next to feel the impact of government. Rudd will happily see 90% of Australians living on mining-funded welfare in order to keep him in power. I hope Australians see through this type of vile strategy, and recognise that pride comes from earning one's income, not expropriating it from the mining industry. If anyone feels persecuted by the mining industry, speak up now, and ask Rudd to actually support a better justice system...sorry but he is too busy persecuting minorities. Yes, the mining industry is a minority, as it employs less than 5% of Australians directly, but it finances a lot of downstream economic activity.
Rudd really wants to dictate what is good for us. In order to do that he is placing money in our pockets which we did not earn. If your parents did that, Dr Phil would say you were the worst type of parent - an indulgent, abusive parent. Why is it alright for Rudd to do the same? This is utter abuse!
Andrew Sheldon
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