Monday, September 8, 2008

Preparing tax returns

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The amazing aspect about tax returns is that people do them. I'm actually two years behind doing mine. Don't want to do it, its just that we live in such a fascist state that my wife can't immigrate because one of the criteria for emigrating is that the sponsor has paid up his taxes. The other pernicious aspect of the tax office is its capacity to reach into your bank account and take funds. Its called expropriation in some countries, but I'm sure they have other words for it.
I have so many reasons for hating the tax office, so let me list a few here:
1. Moral foundation: I don't support the ethical premise of 'collective good', 'the good of the people', 'common good'. The reason I don't support it is because its a rort. There is no possibility of objectively defining the common good, and there is no rational basis for justifying the collective or majority expropriating the wealth of the minority. But that's how it started. The politics have shifted and now the minority control the majority, whilst the majority lie stillborn. You idiots! Don't you see the fraud you accept. Let us know you are breathing!
2. Time wasting: The time it takes you to do your tax is a scary thing. I know if its simple if your are a salaryman, but that's only because you get the worst deal. No tax breaks. Mind you things are complicated enough don't you think because there are 3 tax pack books in Australia (counting 198 pages) that require distribution. Of course if you want to obtain the benefits of tax deductions then you need to set up a corporation. The requirement to record even single tax deduction to register your benefit must rank as slavery.
3. Accountability: Another poor aspect of the tax office is their inability to offer any tools to actually make tax paying easier. Like can't there be electronic money which records and categorises all your transactions. N0! That piece of genius is beyond them.
3. Welfare burden: When we think of welfare, we think of the homeless that walk the streets, the mentally ill. Well I've got news for you. They are still walking the streets, except for the ones employed by the government. My brother is one of them. He just got a nice cushy payoff because he couldn't work. He'll get that for life unless he decides he wants to work again. Of course it doesn't stop him studying. That's where your welfare dollars are going.
4. Unfairest system: I had an occasion to use welfare when I was young. I thought if I'm going to be forced (as a slave) to contribute to this inefficient system I may as well dig in when I get the opportunity. The problem I have is that its the unfairest system you can imagine. My dilemma was that I was unemployed when I gave out of university, but I still had $20,000 in shares. I made a 300% gain on some nickek stock. Well I couldn't get the benefits because I had a cash balance of over $10,000. Nevermind that there were people in the queue who had $0.5-1mil houses. Ridiculous. For the life of me, I don't see why my tax rate rises when I live overseas. When I lived in the Philippines & Japan, rather than getting a $9000 tax free threshold, I just get the straight $30,000, plus the higher increments. So I set up a corporation, which is supposed to be a separate legal entity, but they tax it like I'm a non-resident too. You realise that this is a different type of fascism. Hitler would have just had my head cut off. The tax office just targets you for an audit.
5. Accountability: I also realised what parasites the tax office are. They couldn't care a damn about poor people, this is a system that is intent on perserving government. I realised this very young. I calculated my tax at the time, giving them my profits and losses separately as they wanted, but they counted my gross profits as gains and did not consider my losses, and hit me with a huge tax bill. My tax bill was sky high, and my appeal fell on deaf ears.
6. Fear: The tax office operates on fear. It scares everyone into submission. How? Well there is the threat of retribution, which includes huge fines, interest which far in excess exceeds their 2-4% cost of capital. It can be as high as 15-20% per annum. Nevermind that you sincerely think you have a good case. Of course they work with their co-conspirators to expropriate the money from your account.
7. Psychology: You might wonder why these parasites can be so deprived of empathy for their fellow men. The reason is because they are such feeble people. They really are. They have little self-esteem, penises as small as baby carrots.
8. Funding government: Have you noticed that despite the fact that you pay 25-35% tax, you still have to pay a lot of fees for government services. You don't even realise because its off the balance sheet. Aside from the bracket-creep in taxes due to inflation (another rort), we are paying much higher fees for all kinds of services. Have you noticed that the government tries to encourage productivity in every industry except the private sector. I'm quite sure that we don't need lecturers at every university around the country, we could satisfy ourselves with a video link, or now a You Tube service. How cheap could education be? Well very cheap. Basically marking the exam and tutoring the course could be the greatest expense. So given that government buses are as expensive as private buses, and they have a monopoly, petrol taxes pay for roads, hospital fees pay for hospitals, and you don't get dental, you might wonder where the 30% is going. Well there are things like war in Iraq (to give them a system we hate, but not before giving them a system which is better than ours). There are corporate subsidies, election costs (for a comfy duopoly) that looks very much the same.
9. Priorities: You might wonder how the government allocates the money.
10. Legitimacy: You might think that this is not how the system was supposed to be. Certainly this was not how the US system was supposed to function, but the reality was the US system was corrupted, and so much be considered to have flaws. The US Constitution is being ignored. Judges are actually saying that lower courts don't have to recognise Supreme Court rulings. The US Constitution does not recognise the right of the government to levy an income tax on individuals. People do under threat from the IRS. The Federal Reserve, a private company, is illegal. Its creation was never overturned by the courts. You might wonder why? No doubt because judges are batting on the same team. Fascism is even more rife in the Commonwealth countries because

Why do we bow to a Constitution that that our governments don't even respect? Why are a gathering of founding fathers 100+ years ago so 'credible' when they come from a time of mystic revelation and pre-science ignorance. Why don't people care? Why do people vote for the same idiots. I emplore people to vote for ANYONE but the main parties. We saw how cruel the major parties can be in Australia. Pauline Hanson was a racist parliamentarian who attracted a lot of support because she was perceived as honest. Unless people are prepared to stand up and be counted things are only going to get worse.

I recall John Howard once saying that life is complicated; that is just the way it is. That is nonsense. Complexities are resolved to make things simple. The only reason things get more complicated is to shift the power to corporates and government. Why? Both government and corporations have a vested interest in individuals being unorganised and unprincipled. There was 3 reasons that the government has unmined principles as a cognitive tool:
1. To give them the arbitrary power to tax your wealth
2. To give companies the arbitrary power to find loopholes in arbitrary legislation. The tax act is getting thinker. The principles of accounting have been corrupted likewise. Its becoming more arbitrary every day. Common law is becoming secondary to arbitrary legislation.
3. To overwhelm the general public so they are put in their place.

Governments don't want principles because firstly they don't apply them in their own lives; afterall that is the source of their inefficacy. Secondly, they don't want to be questioned. Its interesting when you see the efforts by 'We the People' Foundation in the USA, as they ask questions about the unconstitutional foundation for the American Constitution, it becomes apparent that:
1. They have no defensible position for taxation laws
2. They know it because they avoid being on camera, making statements which would make them accountable. Even judges are not prepared to tell jurors that there is no law, they just imply there is. Its a huge scam.
Andrew Sheldon
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