Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The righteousness of a tax cheat

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Its popular sport for the media and the tax office to denigrate tax delinquents. Its all part of their strategy to portray people who don't support their taxing powers as common criminals. If you have any trouble making the distinction, its this according to Common Land:
A criminal is a person who engages in the use of force or fraud to obtain by deception a certain value belonging to others. (Basis: Common law)

The tax office would have you believe that a criminal (or a tax cheat in this context) is a person who breaks the law. (Arbitrary legislation after WWI)
The common law definition does back centuries. It pre-dates the tax system, so don't think we can't live without a tax system. Taxation as we know it is relatively recent. The Internal Revenue Code was only adopted in 1919. Actually it was not legally enacted. But there are plenty of countries which have 'legal' codes which are no less moral. Paradoxically it is the Arab states like Brunei, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Brunei and the UAE which have the fairest tax systems, but that has more to do with easy oil & gas money than rational philosophical values. The tax office's definition is the product of the arbitrary law enacted by vested interested politicians.

It ought to be apparent that immoral things are often perpetrated in the name of a crisis. In recent years the terrorists proved to be justification for a raft of new laws which gave certain governments around the world even more arbitrary power.
Andrew Sheldon www.sheldonthinks.com
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