Sunday, September 21, 2008

Why democracy is undemocratic

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Most democratic systems are pretty much the same. It really comes down to 1 lump or two of sugar coating (or houses of parliament/congress). They all basically involve the same parliamentary elements - these are:
1. Pretence of representation: Does anyone really believe that voting every 3-6 years for a government is going to scare the politicians into submission. People vote for parties, not for the faceless individuals.
2. Pretence of debate: There is no real debate in parliament. Have you ever listened? They are either making personal attacks on each other or falling asleep. I engage in a lot of debate. I know they are not doing it because it fires me up, but they are falling asleep. Why? Because parliamentary sessions is just a sideshow. The decisions are made in the backrooms.
3. Pretence of direct participation: Have you ever thought you want to directly participate in democracy by lodging a submission to some parliamentary inquiry. Basically this is a facade too. There are several problems. You don't get any feedback and they are not directly accountable for any decisions they reach. You can't ask them why they didn't address a certain issue. You are just not important unless you represent some large organisation with 0.5 million members. Even then you will just get political pleasing feedback. They are only interested in what will get them elected. Is that power? Read on.
4. Pretence of competition: Have you noticed that governments have had welfare states since WWII, thats over 60 years ago. Did you notice how welfare doesn't disappear, but in fact now we have new types of welfare, which is basically assisting corporations subsidise jobs rather than individuals. There is no competition. Every country has a two-party contest, and both parties are the winners because they know we will eventually get tired with one party. If we don't we get fascism. If we take the softer option we get a 1 year deferred fascism option.

Don't get me wrong - they don't want to kill you. They are too safe for that. They want your money and the banking sector gives them the power. They have the power to reach into your bank account and help themselves. People are unfortunately too cowardly and safe to stop it because they have assets. People's assets are the biggest tyranny facing people. They are too decadent because they have something to lose. Don't think the media will support an alternative candidate. The media vet all people to make sure agitators are blacklisted from the media.
Andrew Sheldon
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