Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Tax office abuse of arbitrary law

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The tax office in many countries has been able to adopt arbitrary law because of the power granted to it by their legislative systems. The approval for unethical laws is often initiated in times of crisis such as war, famine, natural disaster and civil unrest. When these problems dissipate the government does not renounce its powers. On the contrary, they find a justification for the civilian application of these laws which serves them rather than the country. One should be very cynical about the powers given to politicians. There are cases where governments have even overridden the law to impose laws that were not enacted in accordance with ‘due process’. A good example is the Internal Revenue Code in the USA, adopted in 1919. It breaches the U.S. Constitution, but a number of state court judges have refused to recognise the constitution, asserting that it is not relevant. Crazy but true. Why would a judge say such a thing? Because he is paid and punished by the people who would be threatened if such legislation were repealed. It becomes apparent that the only way this abuse of power will be ended is:
1. If politicians feel that they would be open to the same threats of intimidation as they inflict on people (not that I am sponsoring anything).
2. If people peacefully demonstrate in large numbers for an end to abuse at the hand of government.
It would take at least 50,000 people to demonstrate to get some action on this front. They can’t place 50,000 people in gaol without someone questioning the policy. There are plenty of people who can make ethical arguments against taxation, the issue just needs supports with the courage to assemble. I believe we still have the freedom to assemble. Mind you, you need police approval.
Andrew Sheldon www.sheldonthinks.com
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