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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

High Court action not the next step - ask the GG

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I am pleased to see that Andrew Forrest of Fortescue Metal Mining has flagged High Court action. I have written emails (contained herein) to the Attorney General and Commonwealth Governor-General on this issue. This is not an issue that should wait until an election is held in order to decide the fate of the mining industry, or investors. This policy idea has already cost investors money. It ought to live not a bad longer.....and it should certainly not hang over the next election. Personally, I wish the issue had the opportunity to test the 'moral fibre' of the Australian people, if only to wake them up from their self-imposed exile of repression, however its not worth the risk.

I wish mining executives would stop saying the tax will drive the economy into a 'swamp'. Such pragmatic arguments are not the issue. Anything can be justified in the name of pragmatism. i.e. If I was PM I could kill all retirees to save the community money on pension benefits. It ought to be an issue of justice. Maybe some people will say that Andrew Forrest has a vested interest in this policy because a lot of his wealthy is at stake. It ought not to make a difference. This is a moral issue, and people ought to have some respect for facts and principles, in so fact as those principles reconcile with the facts of reality. There is no justification for arbitrary impositions of this nature which destroy the wealth of asset holders.

The mining industry ought to be asking the WA and Commonwealth Governor Generals' to take action. Dismiss the Ruddy bastard!
Andrew Sheldon
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