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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Strategy for mining industry - part 2

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The first issue that miners need to do is to identify who is on their side, and who is simply going to contaminate their objectives, whether in the short or long run. For this reason I am identifying a number of additional strategies for the miners.

1. Divide into 'manager' and 'owner' CEOs because your political interests are very different. Owners are in the same position as shareholders. CEOs of large corporations like BHP and Rio Tinto are essentially 'politicians', or managers with little interest in the interests of shareholders. If they fail to discredit the tax, any option incentive will be repriced I suspect. i.e. force majeure provisions in their employment contracts.

2. Adopt principled arguments as opposed to relying on pragmatic 'good of society' type arguments which really only play into the hands of politicians and the welfare lobby. The argument ought to focus on the importance of property rights to preserve personal freedom, but actually also to enable a guilt-free happiness, as opposed to the repressed lives most Australians are living, which I expose on my blogs. Highlighting philosophical arguments will avoid cynicism, but they need to be well-argued.

3. Hire about ten highly skilled creative filipinos to do emotion and thought provoking online campaigns which are capable of being passed around like on online social network channels like Facebook, You Tube. e.g. Rudd focused, mining tax focused, appeal to justice, highlight the problems in the justice system. e.g. A short film, a documentary on RRT, jingle, ebook for distribution on political angle, but also one focused on RRT. A Comedy - caricature

4. Branding strategy - bumper stickers for cars saying 'No mining tax', and give it a distinctive colour like bright blue. Offer free to people in shopping malls.

5. Andrew Forrest should read my open letter to the Governor General, then go visit her. One has to acknowledge however that the appointee was chosen by the PM, so how's that for independence. Perhaps she has her own mind. :) Only one way to find out.

6. Dedicated website for info. Use share registry info to educate all mining industry shareholders about this tax. All arguments for & against the tax ought to be placed on this site. Also place full page advertisements in the newspapers. Do this also in London, as its a centre of mining finance.

7. Provide a free 1800 number with recorded message of the problems with this tax, and details on how they can get more information. e.g. Mail out for elderly people, or emails for the young. Philippines call centre is useful for this.

8. Attacking government policy on both sides - The ineffectiveness of Senate, the amalgamation of politicians into a two-party duopoly, the lack of effectiveness of the democratic system based on representation, where no 'real' representation is really possible. Its an ill-considered myth which leads to psychological repression.
Andrew Sheldon
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