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Monday, June 21, 2010

Kevin Rudd has no empathy for taxpayers

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One of Australia's richest men has died in a plane crash a few days ago. Ken Talbot was a working class guy who turned bought some pubs into a fortune. By far his greatest legacy was the development of numerous coal mines in Queensland. Until recently he was the major shareholder and CEO of Macarthur Coal. He had amassed a billion fortune from developing coal mines in Queensland. He died in a light plane crash in Cameroon, West Africa.

He was also was in court in relation to kickbacks paid to a Queensland minister. Hardly surprised. Government extortion at a state level as well. Practical people like Talbot will pay in order to do what they love doing. They carry that burden. It gets to a point though where every one has to stop, and to be vigilant. The crap we accept from governments needs to stop.

A successful Australian dies and Kevin Rudd is conspicuously silent. Why? Well its clear. How much empathy can Rudd have for a guy (or his family) when you are busy conjuring up new taxes to impose on people to extort their wealth. Not much! He would look like an utter hypocrite if he extended his condolences wouldn't he?
He avoided that. Foreign Affairs Minister Stephen Smith 'expressed' the political rhetoric. It was and always will be about the money. Government as currently conceived is cynically about money. It is not about protecting people. It is about perpetrators (govt interests) and victims (any low-flying targets). No pun intended. Google is safe for now! At the expense of small business denied access to Google Checkout.
Andrew Sheldon
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