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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Non-conceptual mining industry a problem

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The problem in the mining industry becomes ever-more apparent with the following quote by Gina Rinehart, of Hancock Prospecting. Forrest is right to imply that they are communists (or fascists), but listen to her struggle with concepts...
"It's very difficult talking to Treasury officials who don’t really have non-theoretical concepts [of how the mining industry works]."
Concepts are theoretical. I don't think its a case of the Treasury not understanding mining. I think government has been moving in this direction for years...the mining industry is so concrete-bound that it is only waking up to the problem because the Resource Rent Tax is being considered. This is not the first was not long ago that the government was looking to impose a 'green tax' based on the greenhouse scandal. That issue will probably slowly disappear with the science shows the global warming was always a natural phenomenon.
We need to get the mining industry thinking more conceptually...and long range. It starts with business, as they are really the defenders of freedom in the Western world.
Andrew Sheldon
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