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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Mining industry is not prepared for the RRT battle

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The peak mining industry bodies are indeed stupid...judging by Rudd's ability to muster community support, they are even more naive than Rudd, or the voters. For years I have been writing about the escalating fascism in Australia. This has of course fallen on deaf-ears. Today, we are seeing Andrew Forrest identifying Kevin Rudd as a fascist. In the article he is seen giving Rudd a warm hug. He must be a smart guy. Right? After all he has made a lot of money. He was Australia's richest man. He has been cut down to size by a tax he did not see coming.
This is precisely the problem with business people - their anti conceptual thinking. They think conceptual knowledge, and subjects like philosophy (i.e. ethics) are a waste of time. The consequence of their lack of conceptual efficacy and short-range thinking, we end up with fascism. He says 'communist', but really it makes no difference....its the 'will of the majority' to coerce or expropriate from the minority'....that's right. If it sounds like is. Democracy is a dangerous concept. If you thought the tyranny of the minority was bad...ask yourself what the tyranny of the majority is like.....that's right...its no difference. If you are wondering what has was something not on your was the ever-increasing expansion of statutory law at the expense of Common Law. Under Common Law Rudd would be a thief...he is empowered by arbitrary statutory law.
Wasn't the constitution..i.e. The Senate supposed to protect people from such persecution. Well, yes, but when concepts become a bit 'iffy', if people become morally ambivalent, you would be surprised how quickly you can move towards fascism.
The mining industry deserve this result. The government was better prepared for this debate then they were. The mining industry is using the same arguments as they have always used...the utility of a strong mining industry. These 'relativist' arguments are what the government is going on. No doubt the Rudd government has been calling all the resource producing (i.e. mining-based) countries suggesting that they apply a new resource rent tax. This is after all how taxes increase and taxation takes hold. i.e. Facts of reality don't matter. So the mining industry uses concrete based arguments like 'all the investment will go offshore" Rudd counters that other resource countries are going to apply a mining/resource tax. So we have the ultra-fascist regime of China now supporting a resource tax. Funny isn't it....China is taxing fascist tax ideas from Australia. Did you think democracy was a nice balance between capitalism and fascism. He he...the compromise is always worst. Collectivists can't do anything...they are inefficacious thinkers. They depend on the enslavement of people. Rudd is a China looks to people like him (lacking integrity) for ideas on how to keep their economy going. Understand China is in trouble, but it has the benefit of a large market and cheap labour. Those benefits will evaporate in 30 years.
We fall into this comparative value argument....which children use. i.e. Mommy, but all the kids in school have one, why can't I. Clearly the mining industry have no graduated from conceptual school yet, because they are still using such arguments as fully 'mature' adults. If you are wondering why Twiggy Forrest is particularly focal consider that he is one of the few owners of mining, as opposed to his compatriots who can pass on the cost to shareholders. This is why the government is going after miners...the superindustry has no 'direct' shareholders, and most shareholders are fund managers or 'manager' CEOs who can pass on the cost. Rudd of course knows this.
So given that governments appear likely to follow Rudd's lead around the world...what is the mining industry's next argument.
Andrew Sheldon
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